The Grid Method

The Grid Method, created by Chad Ostrowski, is a student centered, competency based system, created at the classroom level and designed to fit any teacher’s style, within any curriculum, in any classroom. Most importantly, it was built to reach all students…not just some.

As a Grid Method teacher, you will be facilitating and guiding your students in learning, while increasing motivation, building relationships, and helping every student succeed at their own pace and on their own terms. Take your free course on The Grid Method to get started using this powerful tool in your classroom!

The Grid Method is a foundational pillar of the Teach Better Team (@TeachBetterTeam), a team of educators that develops training and resources for schools and districts designed to help teachers and schools excel and thrive. After years of partnering with districts to support implementations in Mastery and Personalized Learning, the Teach Better Network continues its mission to find new ways to support educators: Blogs, Podcasts, Twitter Chats, Free Downloads, Board Meetings, Parent Training, and more. Be sure to explore the valuable Teach Better offerings!