Our Mission

Our mission is to provide collective collaboration and curation of digital education resources for K-12 teachers in a single, interactive, online platform. 

We value equity in education, building Education Blueprint as a free platform where professional teachers access openly shared content from other K-12 educators and find links to quality classroom resources that further support professional growth.

Why? Because when we help teachers, everything else follows. 

Teaching is a mainstream, information-rich profession. As teachers, we navigate the duality of physical and digital information streams, placing demands on our time and our ever-evolving practice. While we have a wide variety of electronic venues to access resources such as digital libraries, search engines, blogs, and listservs, we quickly become overwhelmed sifting through endless information on the Internet. An often heard wish of educators is β€œto have all information on one digital system.” 

Our unique platform allows all teachers to tailor their own experiences by selecting what subjects, disciplines and grade levels are relevant to their needs. With a custom feed, every time teachers log in, they can easily see newly added resources that match their exact interests and needs. Equally important, teachers can link to relevant educational resources that help them in their classrooms, and also share their own original multimedia content for other teachers to download, filterable by subject, grade, rating, and standard. 

As technology and research moves us forward, we've built the ultimate infrastructure for teacher and student success. Working together to share what we create, we can support educators working to make an impact on students in classrooms around the globe.